Diego Garcia todayThis shocking story is of the terrible actions of the British government in the 1960’s has been unheard to most people over the years. Two thousand innocent people were made to leave their homes to make way for an American air base. The residents of the Chagos Islands were forced to leave and make a new life that did not involve the freedom and beauty of Diego Garcia but in fact a slum in Mauritius. 


Most British people see Mauritius as a luxury exotic holiday destination. Just miles away the Chagossians who are British but live in slums that have been taken over by animals, how is it fair that they do not see this at all?


When they had to leave they were only allowed to take one suitcase each and horses had the pride of place on the ship, some women and children were put into the hold with bird fertilizer. Making a stop half way to the Seychelles they were taken off the boat and marched to a prison where they were kept until the boat came for them to take them to Mauritius. It has been recorded that 26 whole families have died because of the poverty that they live in.


Some committed suicide by drowning themselves, hanging themselves, the British government said that ‘some deaths are bound to of occurred in the normal course of events’. The slums that they live in are the lowest of the low. Babies sleep in boxes, everyone has to sleep on the floor and rain will pour through the roof. International Law defines this as a crime against humanity.

 A Chagossian slum in Port Louis, Mauritius

The payment for the lease of the island was covered up by the US government to the UK Navy. It was done by a $14 million discount on nuclear weapons that were sold to the UK.


In the year 2000 the case was taken to the high court and decided the expulsion of the islanders was illegal and so after 30 years the Chagossians were allowed to go back to their ‘beautiful island’. Not for long though! Hours after this happened the foreign office said that they could not go back to Diego Garcia because of the amount of American power there.


On election day in 2004 the Queen ‘rubber stamped’ that the islander were never allowed to go back to Diego Garcia, it was done then so that no one would notice and all eyes would be on the general election. A minister who was involved at the time was told that there were old women who wanted to go back to Diego Garcia to die, as this is where they were brought up.   


Children holding signThey were denied the chance and the minister did not even feel ashamed. He said they had to do what was right, the excuse given was that there were no indigenous people living on the island.


The British government has committed crime against humanities throughout this ordeal. People without power are either useful or expendable to us.


This documentary is just under an hour long and will really make you think what else could be happening behind our backs and what human rights breaches and miss treatment of innocent civilians are happening abroad that are completely down to us. At this present point in time the British Government is still trying to keep an appeal to the House of Lords to block their return.


The documentary once where i have gained all my knowledge and information abotu this post for is again by John Pilger is insightful, shocking and interesting. Really worth seeing.